Icons of Horror - Boris Karloff (The Boogie Man Will Get You/The Black Room/The Man They Could Not Hang/Before I Hang) DVD Set


Icons of Horror - Boris Karloff (The Boogie Man Will Get You/The Black Room/The Man They Could Not Hang/Before I Hang) DVD Set


THE BLACK ROOM (1935) - One of Boris's best. He plays twin aristocrats who grow up under a prophecy that says the younger will kill the older in order to fulfill a family curse. The curse apparently began in the "black room," hence the title. Karloff is at his best, playing the brutal older brother, Gregor, as well as his cosmopolitan younger twin, Anton. There are some nice twists and turns during the course of the film, and the pacing helps to hold our interest.

THE MAN THEY COULD NOT HANG (1939) - During his tenure at Columbia, Boris starred in a number of B-programmers playing a mad scientist. Here he plays Dr. Savaard, a med scientist obsessed with bringing the dead back to life, specifically by using a mechanical heart he has invented. Needing a suitable subject, he experiments on a medical student who is assisting him. This upsets the assistant's girlfriend, who tips off the police. Savaard is arrested for murder, tried, convicted, and sentenced to hang, vowing revenge on the judge, jury and prosecutor. His body is released to his right-hand man, who restores Savaard to life. Suddenly, it's noticed that six members of his jury have committed suicide by hanging and that the remaining jurors, along with the judge, prosecutor, police inspector and the girlfriend who blew the whistle have all been invited to Savaard's house.

BEFORE I HANG (1940) -- A fast paced B-movie using the old chestnut that blood has memory and that the tissues and bones of the criminally insane throb with a life that makes them who they are. Boris plays Dr. John Garth, a scientist who is seeking the cure for the ravages of old age. Being a mad scientist, of course, he performs a "mercy killing" on one of his subjects, which land him the death sentence. He is given a chance to redeem himself through medical research in prison, where he and a colleague (Edward Van Sloan) inoculate Garth with an experimental serum. Unfortunately, the serum was developed from an executed killer, and, while it works, it turns Garth into a homicidal maniac. He kills Van Sloan and a prison trustee while tricking the authorities into granting him a pardon for his medical efforts. Once he gets out, he really goes to town..

THE BOOGIE MAN WILL GET YOU (1942) - This psychotronic take-off on Arsenic and Old Lace finds Karloff , as nutty professor Nathaniel Billings, working on creating a race of supermen in the basement of his New England house along with his equally batty assistant, played by Peter Lorre. He sells the house to a naïve woman and her ex-boyfriend to run as a hotel. Karloff and Lorre then hit upon the idea of using the guests for their experiments.


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