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Invitation (2004) Horror

Invitation (2004) Horror

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Amazon review:

Now let me tell you something... That flick is awesome !! I was expecting a low budget gorefest instead I got a REAL SCARY movie : the type that makes your girlfriend grab your arm and that makes you jump in your seat. I mean, the beginners who only know SCREAM and such are going to wet their pants, for real.

The plot is simple. A group of old school friends, who all share the guilt of having " accidently " caused the death of a nerdy kid during their childhood, are invited to a country hotel. They all meet there, start to party and there you go... weird things start to happen. It soon becomes clear that DEAD CHILDREN are in the house.

I've said too much already. It is beautifully shot, most of the actors are allright and even mannage to add some depth to their characters. You care for them and, of course, it makes the whole thing more believable and scary. Now being MR GORYSSIMO I can't give that movie 5 stars because of the gore being too low. But don't get me wrong, INVITATION rules and will, like I said, give enough scares as it is.

That movie should'nt be ignored any longer. Take MR GORYSSIMO's word and accept the INVITATION.


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