Jet Harris And Tony Meehan ‎– Remembering... Jet Harris And Tony Meehan -1976- Pop Rock (rare vinyl)


Jet Harris And Tony Meehan ‎– Remembering... Jet Harris And Tony Meehan -1976-  Pop Rock (rare vinyl)
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Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10 slight crease in corner
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~10 
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10) 
Side 1 ~ 10  great shape
Side 2 ~ 9 faint mark - almost unnoticeable
BIN # *189
Terence "Jet" Harris MBE (6 July 1939 – 18 March 2011) was an English musician. He was the bass guitarist of The Shadows from 1958 until April 1962, and had subsequent success as a soloist and as a duo with the drummer Tony Meehan

Daniel Joseph Anthony Meehan (2 March 1943 – 28 November 2005)[1] professionally known as Tony Meehan was a founder member of the British group The Drifters, with Jet HarrisHank Marvin and Bruce Welch, which would evolve into The Shadows. He played drums on early Cliff Richard and the Shadows hits and on early Shadows instrumentals.

Meehan was professionally nicknamed "The Baron" by his many admirers and friends within the British pop/rock music industry. He is reckoned to have influenced many thousands of teenage boys and adolescents to take up music as a career including Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac as a result of his iconic film performance in Cliff Richard's film The Young Ones. His drumming style (cf. Bongo Blues, Apache) is noticeably different from that of other drummers that the Shadows employed during 1958–2010 such as Brian BennettClem Cattini and Trevor Spencer, preferring a simpler 1950s jazz style kit to a voluminous 1970/80s rock/metal drum kit. Thus his kit was significantly more spartan, in terms of quantity of drums and accessories, than Brian Bennett's modern expansive drum kits through the decades. In his contribution to the 1961 book The Shadows by Themselves Meehan gives very useful, timely and helpful advice to all would-be drummers on drum-kit care and maintenance.

Label:Decca ‎– REM 1
Series:Remembering... –
Format:Vinyl, LP, Compilation 

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