Jewels and Binoculars Michael Moore - Music of Bob Dylan CD


Jewels and Binoculars Michael Moore - Music of Bob Dylan CD


There are two artists whose sound is so special and unique that it's virtually impossible to cover their music without debasing it -- Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. (It's no accident that the best Dylan cover ever was done by Hendrix.) The "solution", therefore, is to create something unique in itself, while respecting the feel and specialness of the music being covered. Nigel Kennedy ALMOST succeeds in this difficult task with the music of Our Beloved Jimi -- Michael Moore succeeds completely with this disc of the music of Our Beloved Bob. This album is simply superb. The songs are well chosen, the skills are remarkable, the musicians pay due respect to the often beautiful melodies (one of Bob's innumerable talents), and the album emerges, finally, as a wonderful jazz album which can be admired in its own right, even if the listener is not a Bob fanatic. I would srongly recommend this album to any music lover at all, certainly to any jazz lover, even if you've never heard of Bob. But to those of you who love Bob's music, and who have done for many years, I'd say do whatever you can to get this disc. It's exacly what how you want to hear someone else doing Dylan. If you dig into your collection and re-listen to all the originals first, this CD becomes even more compelling


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