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Jonny Quest Season One DVD Set

Jonny Quest Season One DVD Set

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Jonny Quest Season One DVD Set

Overall with its high tech gadgets / lasers and well written and imaginative stories, "Jonny Quest" remains one of my favorite animated shows from my childhood; I really did grow up in the era of great Television. This DVD set is a real treat for the whole family and for the new legion of "Jonny Quest" fans waiting to discover him. In my opinion the newer versions of the "Jonny Quest" series can't hold a candle to the original and shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath. I bought this DVD release because my memories of this amazing show had all but faded and purely for nostalgia. All things considered and given the age of this show the picture and sound are really clear and crisp. The opening theme music is still catchy and it pulls you in from the moment you hear it. The colors are vivid and sharp; better than I can remember seeing on any previous VHS or Television viewing. In the "Jonny Quest" complete series set, you get all 26 episodes and some special features spread out over four single sided discs with great disc artwork.

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