Joudrey, Clell E. - Fantastic Fiddling (Rare 1979 Canadian Vinyl) Folk


Joudrey, Clell E. - Fantastic Fiddling (Rare 1979 Canadian Vinyl)

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"One of the greatest loves of my life is playing the fiddle."

                                                                           Clell Joudrey

That statement says just about all there is to say about an affair that started at a very young age and still continues to this day. A story of how a father gave his son a fiddle for his 8th birthday, and who 3 years later was offered a chance to tour North America with a group of musicians. Of course his parents refused this offer. But the love affair between a boy and his fiddle continued to grow. Many years later the boy became a man, and if you listen to the love and feelings put into this album you will know this affair will last for many, many more years to come.

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Format: LP
Label: Can-Del CD78-1010
Year: 1979
Origin: Canada (Maritimes)
Genre: fiddle

Track Name
Niomies Jig
Concert Reel
Rythymaires Waltz (Doran Spidle)
Seesaw Jig
Don Messers Breakdown
Poor Girl Waltz

Side 2

Track Name
Surveyors Reel
Shelbourne Reel & Cape Bloominden Breakdown
Pretty Precilla Waltz
Heather on the Hill
Irish Clog
Anglers Jig

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