Katrina And The Waves ‎– Katrina And The Waves -1985 Rock & Roll, Pop Rock (clearance vinyl) Overstocked


Katrina And The Waves ‎– Katrina And The Waves -1985 Rock & Roll, Pop Rock (vinyl)

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Pre-history (1975–80)

The band's earliest incarnation was as The Waves, a group that played in and around Cambridge, England, from 1975 to 1977 and featured guitarist Kimberley Rew and drummer Alex Cooper. This incarnation of the Waves never issued any recordings, and broke up when Rew left to join the Soft Boys.

A more direct ancestor of Katrina and the Waves was the band Mama's Cookin', a pop cover band hailing from Feltwell, England. This band, founded in 1978, featured American Katrina Leskanich on vocals and keyboards, and her then-boyfriend (and fellow American) Vince de la Cruz on vocals and lead guitar. By late 1980, Alex Cooper had joined the band on drums, with Bob Jakins on bass. Mama's Cookin' proceeded to gig steadily in England over the next two years, specialising in covers of songs by American acts such as HeartForeignerLinda Ronstadt, and ZZ Top.

Early days as The Waves (1981–82)

When The Soft Boys broke up in 1981, Rew contacted his old Wave-mate Cooper to see about renewing their musical partnership. Cooper convinced Rew to join Mama's Cookin', and the five-piece group (Leskanich/Rew/Cooper/de la Cruz/Jakins) was quickly renamed The Waves after the band Rew and Cooper had been in together in the mid-1970s.

The Waves were initially fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Rew, who brought a wealth of original material to the band. Leskanich, meanwhile, originally only sang lead vocals on the cover tunes in the band's repertoire. However, over the first year of the Waves' existence, Rew began to write material for Leskanich to sing, and she was soon the primary vocalist.

The Waves made their initial recorded appearances on a 1982 single ("Nightmare"/"Hey, War Pig!"); both tracks were included on the 1982 Rew solo album called The Bible of Bop. The Waves then issued their debut EP Shock Horror later in 1982. Around this time, bassist Jakins left the band. Jakins was not replaced, as de la Cruz took over on bass and the band was renamed Katrina and the Waves.

Early Canadian success (1983–84)

In early 1983, the fledgling band recorded—at their own expense—an LP of their original material designed to be sold at gigs. Rew wrote all the songs on this LP, while Leskanich sang eight of the album's ten tracks. (Rew sang lead on the other two.)

The LP was shopped around to various labels, but only Attic Records in Canada responded with an offer.[1] Consequently, although they were based in England, Katrina and The Waves' first album Walking On Sunshine was released only in Canada.

The album garnered enough critical attention and radio play (especially for the title track) to merit a Canadian tour. In 1984, the group released a follow-up album in Canada (Katrina and the Waves 2), with Leskanich now handling all the lead vocals. Rew was still the primary songwriter, but de la Cruz was also responsible for a few songs, including the Canadian airplay hit "Mexico".

Also in 1984, their song "Going Down to Liverpool" was covered by The Bangles, which added to their profile. With the group building a fan base with their recordings and extensive touring, major label interest began to build, and Katrina and the Waves eventually signed an international deal with Capitol Records in 1985.

Label:Attic ‎– LAT 1210
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album

Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 8 corner wear / no inner sleeve
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10)
Side 1 - 10
side 2 - 10
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A1 Red Wine And Whiskey 3:41
A2 Do You Want Crying 3:33
A3 Que Te Quiero 3:20
A4 Machine Gun Smith 3:03
A5 Cry For Me 4:57
B1 Walking On Sunshine 3:56
B2 Going Down To Liverpool 4:28
B3 Mexico 3:17
B4 The Sun Won't Shine 3:33
B5 The Game Of Love 3:17

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