Kids From Fame ‎– The Kids From Fame 1982 - Soundtrack (vinyl)


Kids From Fame ‎– The Kids From Fame 1982 - Soundtrack

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Label & Ser # ~ RCA Victor ‎– AFL!-4259

Format 1 -disc, 10 tracks, Black Vinyl, 12-inch , 33rpm, LP. 
Year of release ~ 1982 
Country Manufactured ~Canada 

Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 9 slight wear / gatefold
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10 
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10) 
Side 1 - 10
side 2 - 10 

BIN # 30 / 120 / *140 all the same condition

The Kids from "Fame" is the first album released by the cast of the American TV series Fame. It was released in 1982 and featured the hit singles "Hi Fidelity" and "Starmaker". The album became a big success, notably so in the UK where it reached No.1 in the album charts and remained on top for 12 weeks.


The US TV series Fame became an instant success all over the world, but most prominently in the UK and Ireland where the first single release "Hi Fidelity" became a No.5 and No.3 hit respectively.[2][3] Simultaneously, this album was released in July 1982 and very quickly topped the albums chart, reaching No.1 for 12 weeks.[2] Soon after, a second single "Starmaker" was released and became even bigger, peaking at No.3 in the UK and No.1 in Ireland. The album ended the year as the second-best selling album of 1982, beaten only by Barbra Streisand's Love Songs album. It went on to remain in the charts for 46 weeks and sold over a million copies - the biggest-selling album ever released by BBC Records (who had licensed the songs from RCA).[4]

The album was also a top 30 hit in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and New Zealand, but only managed a #146 peak in the US.[4] A third single was released in the Netherlands, "Life is a Celebration". In the UK, a follow-up album The Kids from "Fame" Again was released just three months later, which reached No.2

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