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Kill Katie Malone is a step above most straight-to-video horror flicks in that the visuals are quality, but it has little more to offer besides that. The movie tells the story of three friends in college that decide to buy a ghost on an online auction site, and receive a mysterious box soon after. But after opening the box, a series of tragic events occur to people around them, and one of the trio tries to discover a means of reversing their fate.

This was the first feature film by director Carlos Ramos Jr, which is a surprise considering how well it was shot. The cinematography was good, as was the color correction. The cast is made up largely of TV actors, so the performances are a bit better than what you'd expect for most low-budget horror movies. Some horror aficionados may also appreciate that the malevolent spirit in the movie almost never appears in a visible form, which gives the movie a similar vibe as the 1982 film "The Entity."

That being said, Kill Katie Malone disappoints when it comes to the story itself. The concept of passing along a curse or evil entity has already been done. The Ring, Drag Me to Hell, and the upcoming Heart-Shaped Box film based on the 2007 novel by Stephen King's son. While the film does offer up a few unique deaths and injuries, it's light on blood for gore fans. The movie simply plods along, with characters that are hard to keep up with, and a generally uninteresting plot. And if you're a Dean Cain fan, you may want to pass on Kill Katie Malone. Despite having his name front and center on the movie's cover, Cain gets a grand total of five minutes of screen time for the entire film.

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