Legend Of Billie Jean (DVD) Mint Classic !


Legend Of Billie Jean (DVD) Mint Classic !

 Billie Jean (Helen Slater), a relatively normal teenager until her brother's motorscooter is trashed by a gang that she slighted, and until her brother (Christian Slater, no relation in real life!) accidentally shoots someone -- then Billie Jean becomes the heroine of an outlaw gang. She and her brother, as well as two tag-alongs, take off on the run from the police and in the meantime cultivate a following through radio and newspaper coverage. As Billie Jean gets into the part, she shaves her head and espouses rebellion against injustice, but her rallying cry of "fair is fair" is about as inflammatory as a diaper ad, just like her demands for $600 to fix the motorscooter -- small change just does not raise much interest.

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