Little Girl Lost 2006 dvd


This is an older movie that I saw as a kid, but remembered it, and bought it recently. It's about a four year old girl staying with her foster parents whom she dearly loves. Now the judge has ordered the child to have weekend visits with her father, who is remarried. When the child comes back home, the foster mother can't believe how filthy she is, and withdrawn she is emotionally. While bathing little Tella, the little girl tells her that her father molested her, but in not so many words. Her foster mother goes to authorities, but nothing is done, they think the foster parents turned the child against her father because she is spoiled with the finer ways of life. As months go by, the father gets custody back, and Tella moves in with him. The concerned foster parents locate her, and spy on her from afar. They discover that again Tella was taken away from her real father, and investigate what happened. They find out that after only two weeks of staying with her father, the authorities find out he's abusing Tella, and molesting her. In order for the child protection agency not to get into trouble, they didn't put Tella back with her original foster family, since they were the ones that complained about molestation to begin with. By getting a journalist to air their story of Tella on the news, the ball gets rolling to get custody of Tella back. After a year of heartache, Tella gets to come back, but is emotionally drained, and not the same little girl. She's "lost" because of her life with her father. A true story, this is a wonderful movie about patience, and love, and trying to find the right person to listen to your heartache. The movie will get your blood boiling, but has a happy ending. It is said at the end of the movie that Tella today, is still not "all the way home", as she used to be.
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