Moe Koffman ‎– The Four Seasons -1972 (2 lps) Jazz, Rock, Classical (clearance vinyl) Overstocked


Moe Koffman ‎– The Four Seasons -1972 (2 lps)  Jazz, Rock, Classical (vinyl)

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Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC (28 December 1928 – 28 March 2001) was a Canadian jazz saxophonist and flautist, as well as composer and arranger. During a career spanning from the 1950s to the 2000s, Koffman was one of Canada's most prolific musicians, working variously in clubs and sessions. With his 1957 record Cool and Hot Sax on the New York-based Jubilee label, Koffman became one of the first Canadian jazz musicians to record a full-length album. Koffman was also a long-time member of Rob McConnell's Boss Brass, one of the country's longest-lasting and most prolific bands

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Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 9 slight edge wear
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10)
Side 1 - 4 all are 9-10
BIN # clearance - Overstocked


Overture To Spring (Allegro) 3:45
Le Reveil (Largo) 3:50
Nature's Banquet (Allegro) 7:45
Overture To Summer (Allegro) 5:58
Sunshower (Allegro) 4:23
The Calm (Adagio) 1:58
The Storm (Presto) 1:53
Harvest Festival (Allegro) 5:38
Sleep (Adagio) 1:57
Dance Of The Leaves (Allegro) 6:30
Icicle Bells (Allegro) 5:29
Snowflakes (Largo) 1:58
Inverno Furioso (Allegro) 1:40
Inverno Furioso (Allegro) 0:28
Inverno Furioso (Allegro) 0:36

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