Murder Party Dvd - Chris Sharp (Actor), Jeremy Saulnier (Director) mint


Chris Sharp (Actor), Jeremy Saulnier (Director)  Rated: 

  Format: DVD

A random invitation to a halloween party sparks a bloodbath of mishap, mayhem and hilarity. This was the only description that was given for this movie....allow ne to expand on it, this was great. We get a basic nobody who by accident gets and invite to a Halloween party which turns out that it is really a Murder party thrown by a bunch of bored art types who intend to kill him in some artsy way. Now, I have never heard of anyone at all in this movie but the performances were a lot of fun and the story never waivers at all just keeps moving forward. It has a bunch of twists and turns and really does get bloody and gory so be prepared. This comedy of errors is well worth watching as a low budget indie gem. Are there a few over the top performances....sure there are and that is okay because some over the top acting is needed here. Get it and have fun.

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