Nick of Time (Widescreen) Johnny Depp (Actor) DVD


Nick of Time (Widescreen) Johnny Depp (Actor) DVD

this is a very thrilling and suspenseful movie.the movie take place in
"real time" meaning that the same amount of time that goes by for the
audience,also goes by for the characters. for action and excitement and
nail biting suspense,this is the movie.great acting all around
including Johhny Depp in the lead role, as well s Christoper Walken and
Roma Maffia,to name a few.i was on the edge of my seat for this
potboiler,right down to the last minute.the tension was almost
unbearable at times.this is one well written suspense thriller which
ranks right up there,at least in my mind.but don't take my word for out and rent it.i'll think you'll really enjoy it.for me "Nick
of Time" is a solid 4/5

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