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Nightingale [Blu-ray + Digital Copy] New

Nightingale [Blu-ray + Digital Copy] New

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Nightingale [Blu-ray + Digital Copy] New

I saw this on the HBO preview weekend recently, and it had me hooked from the beginning. The part of Peter Snowden is played so realistically by David Oyelowo. It was not sensationalized or made gory like so many movies are today. I don't want to give too much of the plot away, but this is one "artsy" movie that I highly recommend. My only complaint was that the soundtrack listing at the end was so small that I couldn't read most of it, and it had some really great old music like "Chances Are" and "The Good Life". So I came to Amazon to try and find it and decided to do a review while I'm here. There is a summary at IMDB that offers some interesting insites. I also found it useful to have the closed captioning on in a couple of places.

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