P.S. I Love You (Bilingual) [Blu-ray] Mint used


P.S. I Love You (Bilingual) [Blu-ray] Mint used

P.S. I love you is a dramatic romantic comedy about a 30-year old (played by Hillary Swank) who goes through a period of soul-searching after losing her husband (Gerard Butler, who appears in flashbacks) to a brain tumor. To try to ease the pain of the loss of her husband, she goes travelling overseas with her friends, tries to date again, but all in vain.

This is a movie about heartbreak and trying to move on after a tragic loss. Swank is great in her role and so is Butler, however the director of this film doesn't seem to know where he really wants to take his movie. Comedy? Drama? Chick flick? Spiritual awakening? This film blurs the lines between all those genres. 

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