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Paul McCartney: The Space Within Us - Mint DVD

Paul McCartney: The Space Within Us - Mint DVD

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Compared with the other two of Paul's concert films this does have more cameras focusing on the fans and there are alot of new songs! And you know what? I like the concert alot better when it shows the fans! It is so cool seeing their reactions to such songs like "I'll Get You" or "Penny Lane" or my absolute favourite "Till There Was You". Cause every other concert film is the same, it just shows the band playing and that's it so it is nice to see the fans alot more often. And the other review said there was too much talking and interferring in such songs like "Hey Jude" and "Let It Be". Well I am glad they did that cause it is nice to have them play that in concert but being on the concert film yet again (those two were played in every concert film that Paul did) it is nice to see them cut off a bit so we don't have to hear the same songs over and over again but I wish they did the same with "Yesterday" which is an overplayed song in his concerts. Out of all of his concert films, this one is my absolute favourite! I am sure you will like this one too! It is nice to hear songs he never performed in concert before till now and I was happy with every single one of them (except for "Fixing A Hole" which is only played on piano and needed more) so I am sure you will find this one the best in the series!


Warner Music Vision ‎– 5051 17024 9
DVD, NTSC, Album


DVD: The Space Within US
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 Magical Mystery Tour
DVD-3 Flaming Pie
DVD-4 Let Me Roll It
DVD-5 Drive My Car
DVD-6 Till There Was You
DVD-7 I'll Get You
DVD-8 Eleanor Rigby
DVD-9 Maybe I'm Amazed
DVD-10 Got To Get You Into My Life
DVD-11 Fine Line
DVD-12 I Will
DVD-13 I'll Follow The Sun
DVD-14 Good Day Sunshine
DVD-15 For No One
DVD-16 Hey Jude
DVD-17 Fixing A Hole
DVD-18 Penny Lane
DVD-19 Too Many People
DVD-20 Let It Be
DVD-21 English Tea
DVD-22 I've Got A Feeling
DVD-23 Follow Me
DVD-24 Jenny Wren
DVD-25 Helter Skelter
DVD-26 Yesterday
DVD-27 Get Back
DVD-28 Please, Please Me
DVD-29 Credits
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