Perth County Conspiracy ‎– Does Not Exist - 1970-Psychedelic Rock, Folk (Very Rare Vinyl)


Perth County Conspiracy ‎– Does Not Exist - 1970-Psychedelic Rock, Folk (Very Rare Vinyl)


Perth County Conspiracy was formed in 1969. The founding members were guitarist-singers Richard Keelan (formerly of the American band The Spike Drivers) and Cedric Smith, who were joined by Terry Jones (guitar, vocals), Michael Butler (bass) and George Taros (piano, vocals) and other friends and family members.

During the 1970s a number of others were a part of the Conspiracy, including David Woodhead, Jerome Jarvis, Larry Brown, Paul Gellman, Peter Cheyne and Dorit Learned. In the mid-1960s through to the late 1970s, the Perth County Conspiracy would play nightly at Harry Finlay's Black Swan Coffee House in Stratford, Ontario, usually following the evening performances at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival Theatre. Oftentimes they would play until almost 4 a.m. The band organized an annual picnic on the opening night of the festival. The group also toured across Canada playing at universities and also at Massey Hall.

The band signed with the Columbia label in 1970, recorded two albums. The 1970 self-titled album features Shakespearian dialogue and audio collage elements mixed with folk and folk rock music that might place it in the genre of psychedelic folk.Alive, recorded in 1971, was a live concert album.

The band then went independent and released a string of records on their own. Bob Burchill (guitar, vocals) joined the group in 1973. The group remain active until at least 1977.

Around 1990 former members of the band began to reunite once a year at a Black Swan Coffee House Revival in Stratford in support of homelessness in Perth County.

In 2011, the CBC radio show Inside the Music featured an hour-long exploration of the group and their music

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Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 8 - corner wear only (WITH INSERT)
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10)
Side 1 - 10 amazing shape !!
side 2 - 10
BIN # *202

Columbia ‎– ELS-375
Vinyl, LP, Album

Tracklist Show Credits

Midnight Hour (6:37)
A1a You've Got To Know
A1b Love To Make
A1c You've Got To Know (Reprise)
A2 Epistle To The Borderliner 2:01
Easy Rider (4:42)
A3a Easy Rider
A3b Americanadian Way
Truth And Fantasy (5:43)
A4a Truth And Fantasy
A4b Come To The Edge
A4c Fantasia
A4d Truth And Fantasy (Reprise)
A5 Don't You Feel Fine 2:40
A6 You Have The Power 4:45
B1 Keeper Of The Key 3:16
B2 Lady Of The Country 3:27
B3 Listen To The Kids 2:59
B4 Trouble On The Farm 2:16
B5 Excerpt From "As You Like It" 1:23
B6 The Dancer 5:36
B7 Crucifixation Cartoon 6:21


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