Pink Panther 2 [DVD]


Anyone who dislikes Steve Martin as the hilarious inspector is either butthurt about the remakes of an already fantastic series or lives a miserable life.

Both 1 and 2 were excellent and Steve Martin along with the rest of the cast mould together just nicely. A funny, well shot film with plenty of slap stick fun for the family.

The cast is a multicultural cast / characters of Indian, Japanese, French, Italian and English which was a breath of fresh air. The so called "racism," someone has used as a way to low rate the film in another review is ridiculous. The jokes regarding race, sex, hair colour (dumb blonde etc) are simply their to show the inspectors innocent ignorance and slight arrogance, but is not exactly racism nor offensive. I doubt if the film was racist, any of the cast would have signed up for it.

Some people are either far too sensitive or looking for an excuse to low rate because they get a kick out of it. Unleash the big kid in you, and give it a go. It is a joy to watch.

In excellent condition –both the cover and the disc 

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