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Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead- 3 DVD Set (Mint Used)

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead- 3 DVD Set (Mint Used)

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Here it is, finally, THE Troma movie! The one Lloyd Kaufman had to almost starve in order to produce it.
Poultrygeist is a hysterical satire about America and most particularly the capitalistic fast-food industry, mostly KFC. Add to this the secret ingredient only Kaufman can add and you have yourselves a cornerstone in the genre.

The plot is simple, yet interesting. Arbie always wanted to go to college, but is unable because he has to support his handicapped parents. His girlfriend Wendy goes but comes back as a liberal socialist lesbian, trying to stop the American Chicken Bunker chain to open on an ancient Indian burial ground, along with her girlfriend Mickie (Troma HAD to include lesbians!). Arbie enlists to work at ACB to get revenge on Wendy. From there, the movie becomes really tromaesque: incredibly funny, shoking, gory, perverted, twisted, bizarre, freak, extreme and bloody, with Tromatic cameos and nudity all over, you know, the usual...++!

Somewhere between "On the Town", "Fast-Food Nation" and "Day of the Dead" hatches this wild and raw comedy from the dear bottom hole of Uncle Lloydie!
Simply his masterpiece, the most "Tromatic" movie from Troma. It is hilarious and spectucular. Independant art doesn't get any better than this!

The DVD, even for double that price, would be superb! 3 discs filled with bonus features, including a two-hour documentary about how even a pleasant Kaufman doing a pleasant movie can be really an unpleasant experience! The sacrifices made by that man to bring us this movie are unbelievable.

Poultrygeist might be the best Troma movie ever, maybe the best independant movie ever! Buy it and have a blast with a couple of buddies, it's a memorable experience!
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