Prophecy, the:Uprising mint Used DVD


Prophecy, the:Uprising mint Used DVD

If you think the prophesies have all been written and humankind's fate forever sealed, you won't know just how wrong you are until you witness the ultimate war between heaven and hell in this supernaturally charged thriller that re-teams Hellraiser: Deader co-stars Kari Wuhrer and Doug Bradley. When an ancient, self-generating religious manuscript known as The Lexicon lands in the hands of an unsuspecting young woman, she is horrified to learn that the mysterious text continues to write itself -- forever revealing future predictions that, if discovered, could alter the course of history. Caught in an epic supernatural battle between fearless renegade angels determined to use the monolithic revelations of The Lexicon to achieve their own nefarious means, the young woman must protect the ancient text or risk eternal damnation for all of humankind.

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