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Resistance Cabaret - 1970's ? Irish Import - Rare Folk Vinyl

Resistance Cabaret - 1970's ? Irish Import - Rare Folk Vinyl

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Resistance Cabaret   - 1970's ? Irish Import - Rare Folk Vinyl

Here you'll find The Resistance Cabaret - founded in the early 1970s by the poet and singer-songwriter, James Simmons. He coined the Resistance name to encompass the collective of young musicians, song-writers and poets, he both led and inspired. Based in Portrush and the New University of Ulster, they performed regularly around the Province over the course of that decade, delighting audiences everywhere with their songs and poems, witty and moving. The Resistance Cabaret was active throughout the 1970s. Names associated with the troupe were Garvin Crawford, David Templeton, Andy Vernade, Victor Thompson, Jon Marshall, Michael Graves, Ethne Murphy, Heather Hutchinson, Jim Brown and Nick Chapman. Three decades on and three of the original members of The Resistance Cabaret - Garvin Crawford, David Templeton and Michael Graves - re-formed in 2003, following the untimely death of Simmons in 2001. Their purpose was to pay tribute to him by devising a concert for the Queen's Festival, which they called Quietly Celebrating Simmons. The audience response to the performance in November 2003 was overwhelming and as a result The Resistance Cabaret has become active once again, augmented by some new young musicians. The Resistance Cabaret is a living, evolving, creative machine. They will perform a stunning collection of songs (and poems) including old favourites such as Mansion By The Sea and The Sausage Roll Song, as well as recently penned songs such as Fiddlio Diddlio and Song For Joey, the wonderful tribute to Joey Dunlop. This is a very unusual concert containing material that is thought provoking, witty, challenging, beautiful, moving and riotously funny and is not to be missed.

Label:Poor Genius Records Records ‎– PG1001

Format:Vinyl, LP, Stereo
Country:Irish Import
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