Return to Neverland (Widescreen) DVD


Return to Neverland (Widescreen) DVD

Peter Pan is back in another sequel from Disney, the question is why does Disney do this? Disney should start to work on more orginal movies instead of sequels all the time. But do we need any more sequels from Disney? In less, somebody can convice Disney to stop making sequels for a while, I guess we are stuck with them. As the movie opens, Wendy (Kath Soucie) now grown up is married, has 2 kids, and when her husband goes off to serve in a war, Wendy stays home with daughter Jane (Harriet Owen) and son Danny (Andrew McDonough) but London is also keeping the children safe, and so both Jane and Danny will have to take a train for safety. Danny believes Wendy's stories about Peter Pan, but his older sister Jane does not. The night before Danny and Jane has to leave home, Captain Hook (Corey Burton) shows up, and mistakes Jane for Wendy, and kidnaps her. In Neverland, she is rescured by Peter Pan (Blayne Weaver). But all she wants to do, is to go home. And even joins up with Peter Pan's rival Captain Hook, when she promies to take her home, when she finds Peter Pan's treasure


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