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Rich Aucoin -Personal Publication Ep CD

Rich Aucoin -Personal Publication Ep CD

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Rich Aucoin -Personal Publication Ep CD


Track Listings

1. Simple Story
2. More Than a One Night Stand
3. At War with the Cynics (An Opening)
4. Romanticizing of Promiscuousness or the Night Thieves! (Will Dance to A
5. Behold the Lamb! (Muffled by the Noisy City) (An Offering)
6. We, The Dishonest, Honestly Swear... (A Deceiving)
7. Desert Lullabies Don't Have to Be Played on Guitars (A Closing)
8. Something That No One Denies
9. 10,342 Cuts for the US (An Exploding)

10. Immortal Truth


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