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Rising Damp - Complete Boxset [Import anglais] 5 Disc Set Mint

Rising Damp - Complete Boxset [Import anglais] 5 Disc Set Mint

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Rising Damp - Complete Boxset [Import anglais]  5 Disc Set Mint

Rising Damp is a British sitcom, written by Eric Chappell and produced by Yorkshire Television for ITV, which was originally broadcast from 2 September 1974 until 9 May 1978. Chappell adapted the story from his 1973 stage play The Banana Box. Rossiter played Rupert Rigsby (originally Rooksby in the stage play), the miserly, seedy, and ludicrously self-regarding landlord of a run-down Victorian townhouse who rents out his shabby bedsits to a variety of tenants. Having failed again to get a date with Philip, Ruth is unhappy so Rigsby, to arouse her, blows in her ear but she just thinks there's a draught. Alan and Philip have been on a double date and Philip is annoyed that Alan is so inexperienced with women that they only ended up playing scrabble. Philip lost his virginity on his fourteenth birthday. Alan only got a bike for his. To prove he is not afraid of women Alan enters Ruth's room in his dressing-gown but hides in the wardrobe when Rigsby also goes in and, on discovery, pretends he was sleep-walking. Alan's girl-friend's father comes round to accuse Alan of upsetting his daughter and mistakes Rigsby for the lad's father. Rigsby and Alan see him off but lock the door when he returns with his muscle-bound sons.

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