Ruby's Quest 2015 ( New DVD )


Ruby's Quest 2015 ( New DVD )

Ruby's Quest movie was released Apr 07, 2015 by the BBC Video studio. Ruby, a young howler monkey gets lost in the jungle and soon finds herself far from home and injured. Ruby's Quest movie She must rely on help from a few animal and human friends in order to make it back to her family alive. Ruby's Quest video Will Ruby ever see her family again?

The forests of Central and South America can be downright noisy places! Amid the whistles, howls, and chirps no animal can hold a candle to the gregarious howler monkey. Ruby's Quest film With a call that can travel up to three miles, these primates are not shy about making themselves known. Ruby's Quest review However, with their habitat shrinking, they are running out of space. Ruby's Quest DVD for sale and running into humans. Howler Monkeys follows the story of a young howler named Ruby who finds herself injured and lost, far away from her family. But with the help of a few human an d animal friends at the risk of perishing alone she begins her journey home.

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