Sailor Moon Set 1 ( New DVD Box Set)


Sailor Moon Set 1 ( New DVD Box Set)

Excellent set. It takes a couple episodes to get used to the new voices (especially Luna's) and some of the other changes, but now I love it even more than the original English dub. It's so nice to be able to own the complete Sailor Moon. I highly recommend this to other fans!

Finally, the uncensored episodes of the '90s Sailor Moon anime are officially released in the English speaking world, re-mastered in high quality Blu-Ray with nice bonuses for collectors. No more unauthorized condescending changes; the new English language dub presents Naoko Takeuchi’s wonderful creation completely as it was meant to be. True Sailor Moon fans appreciate this significant achievement by Viz Media and all the hard work that was put in to make this release possible. It is worth every nickel. I pre-ordered, and if you are a real Sailor Moon fan, you should too.

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