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Secret ,The [Import] DVD - Kirk Douglas Classic

Secret ,The [Import] DVD - Kirk Douglas Classic

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The Secret [Import] DVD - Kirk Douglas Classic

This is a satisfying, informative, and well-made family story directed by Karen Arthur. Filmed on location in a serene New England coastal town complete with lighthouses, cranberry bogs, and sailboats, this is an easy-moving yet edgy story of family relationships. It exposes viewers to the poignant behaviors and coping styles used by adults and children who have a very common "invisible disability" which touches one in seven of us.

Kirk Douglas'character Mike dotes on grandson Danny, yet Mike's own son Patrick (Bruce Boxleitner), in turn, shows a nearly embarrassing level of contempt for his father. Why? It all revolves around the Secret. But once the Secret is out and Mike understands its profound impact on his grandson and himself, what to do? How Mike stands tall to resolve this inner struggle with the help of family and friends makes us feel proud and good.

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