TaleSpin Volume 2 (Sous-titres français) Dvd Set - Mint / Used


TaleSpin Volume 2 (Sous-titres français) Dvd Set - Mint / Used


Everyone's favorite furry cargo pilot returns for more high-altitude hilarity in TALESPIN VOLUME 2! Beloved JUNGLE BOOK star Baloo the bear and his navigator Kit Clouldkicker take to the skies as couriers for their friend and boss, the always resourceful businesswoman Rebecca Cunningham. With Rebecca's adventurous daughter, Molly, and ace mechanic Wildcat rounding out the crew, the Higher for Hire crew is joined by the most memorable cast of colorful characters and scheming villains yet. Join our heroes as they face off against familiar foes like the evil Colonel Spigot -- as well as a whole new batch of rogues. Baloo and Kit battle air pirates, ancient curses, mummies and their most hair-raising challenge ever...finishing high school! With three discs packed with full-throttle thrills and first class excitement, TALESPIN VOLUME 2 is a boxed set that really delivers!


Mint Used DVD Set - 3 Discs !

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