The Bonanza Collection Mint used ( 4 disc-missing Disc # 1 )


The Bonanza Collection - Mint used

( 4 disc-missing Disc # 1 )

Take your boots off, put the feedbags on the horses, sit back, and enjoy a passel of mighty-fine episodes from television's most-beloved Western series: BONANZA! Here is the vast Ponderosa Ranch and the entire Cartwright family: Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe (otherwise known as Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, and Michael Landon). Using the Western TV show format, BONANZA wove morality tales around the Cartwrights, touching on such social issues as injustice and race prejudice, just one of the reasons this classic series still holds up strong today. Among the guest stars included among the classic episodes in this compilation: Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek ; Lee Van Cleef, gunslinger in spaghetti Westerns; Ricardo Montalban of Fantasy Island ; Sebastian Cabot of Family Affair ; Vic Morrow of Combat ; Franchot Tone of Mutiny on the Bounty , Julie Adams of Creature from the Black Lagoon ; British ‘Scream Queen' Hazel Court, future game show host Bob Barker, and Everett Sloane of Citizen Kane ; as well as Hollywood reliables Dan Duryea, Patricia Medina, Lyle Talbot, Claude Akins and Philip Ahn. With fifteen complete episodes of BONANZA on five discs, this DVD collection is perfect for fans of Westerns, classic TV shows, or just good old-fashioned entertainment. 

still 585 minutes on the remaining 4 discs

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