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The Universe: The Complete Season One ( DVD)

The Universe: The Complete Season One ( DVD)

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The Universe: The Complete Season One ( DVD)
(Near Mint condition - marks on the cover )

Bring THE UNIVERSE down to Earth.
At no other time since humans first contemplated the stars has our understanding of the unimaginably vast Cosmos grown so rapidly. We know immeasurably more about what's beyond our atmosphere than we did a century ago. We know far, far more than we knew even a decade ago.

In this epic documentary miniseries, THE UNIVERSE takes you to the leading edge of our ever-expanding astronomical knowledge. A virtual collision of astronomy and history, these ten dense, enlightening hours (13 episodes total) of unprecedented programming give unique insight - through recreations and animations - on the great "Eureka!" moments of celestial understanding and into the very latest celestial discoveries.

And with these strikingly realistic computer reconstructions, you'll travel to the outer edges of the Known. Tour THE UNIVERSE! Experience the Cosmos as no-one ever has - not peering at dots through a telescope or scanning pages of numbers - but firsthand. Flirt with a black hole's Event Horizon, rove the surface of Mars, plunge into the Sun.
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