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The Dark Knight (2-Disc Special Edition) (Bilingual) [DVD] MINT / USED

The Dark Knight (2-Disc Special Edition) (Bilingual) [DVD] MINT / USED

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Christian Bale (Actor), Heath Ledger (Actor)

Hugely entertaining and thought-provoking, 'The Dark Knight' is another triumph from Christopher Nolan! In it, we are introduced to the amoral Joker, an agent of chaos in Gotham's seedy underworld, brilliantly portrayed by Heath Ledger. This Joker is a man given to frequent philosophical musings; a man motivated to commit crime for more than mere financial gain; a man unknown and unknowable; a better class of criminal altogether. He constantly challenges Batman's liberal, humanist values, and his staunch refusal to kill. It could be argued that Batman's unwillingness, or inability to break his moral code is indirectly responsible for far more people dying. However, the Joker has greater success in turning the film's white knight – Harvey Dent - to his cause. Grief stricken and bitterly resentful following the death of the woman he loves and his own hideous disfigurement, Harvey proves to be far more susceptible to the Joker's own ideas of justice. And so, Gotham City's district attorney abandons his faith in due process and the rule of law for an orgy of violent retribution. In the tragic final act, Batman must come to terms with what Harvey Dent has become...

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