Tigger Movie (Widescreen) DVD - Mint Used


Tigger Movie (Widescreen) DVD - Mint Used

The Tigger Movie brings back the gang. But Tigger is now voiced by Jim Cummings (Who stills plays Winnie The Pooh). And it seems that Tigger does or doesn't have a family like his best friend Roo (voiced by Nikita Hopkins). But Tigger doesn't know that his pals is his family. And this time Tigger wishes that he has a Tigger family. But he is the only one? Or is he?
So Tigger decides to find his family. And he brings his problem to the bird named Owl (Andre Stojka). Owl starts one of his family stories that he is famous for. This is right after a rock gets on gloomy Eeyore's (Peter Cullen) house of sticks. And Rabbit (Ken Sansom) comes up with a plan to remove the rock from Eeyore's home. And calls it, "Rabbit's Rock Remover".
And Tigger shows up and gets it off by bouncing. And ruins Rabbit's plan. And Roo askes Tigger if he had a family out there. So Owl suggets that Tigger looks up his family tree. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet (John Fiedler), and Eeyore joins in on Tigger's and Roo's search for Tigger' family.

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