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Tom Robinson Band ‎– TRB Two - 1979 Classic Rock (vinyl)

Tom Robinson Band ‎– TRB Two - 1979 Classic Rock (vinyl)

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Tom Robinson Band ‎– TRB Two - 1979 Classic Rock (vinyl)

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TRB Two (also known as TRB2) is the second studio album by Tom Robinson Band. It was recorded days after the original drummer, Dolphin Taylor, had left the band. The TRB disbanded four months after the release. Steve Ridgeway was responsible for the cover design. The album was dedicated to Mrs. Mary Towers, the mother of Liddle Towers. Liddle Towers was an amateur boxer who had died in police custody in 1976 - his case was the subject of the song "Blue Murder".[4]

"Black Angel" had originally been recorded as "Sweet Black Angel" by Robinson's first band, Café Society, on their self-titled debut album in 1975

Label:Harvest ‎– ST-11930
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album
Style:Pop Rock
Sleeve Condition (Out of 10) ~ 8 punch hole and library label 
Label Condition (Out of 10) ~ 10
Vinyl Condition ~ (Out of 10)
Side 1 - 10
side 2 - 10
BIN # 94


A1 All Right All Night 2:59
A2 Why Should I Mind 3:01
A3 Black Angel 4:02
A4 Let My People Be 4:07
A5 Blue Murder 5:02
B1 Bully For You 3:20
B2 Crossing Over The Road 3:39
B3 Sorry Mr. Harris 2:43
B4 Law And Order 2:35
B5 Days Of Rage 3:33
B6 Hold Out 4:10
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