Tron (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition) DVD


Tron (20th Anniversary Collector's Edition) DVD


Preamble: Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is an ace software programmer who writes his own video games using his company's mainframe computers. A fellow (and jealous) software programmer, Ed Dillinger, finds the games on the company's computers, realizes Flynn's brilliance and steals the code to present to the company, naming himself as the author. Forward several years, Flynn has been dismissed from the company which has now prospered due to the videogame sales falsely attributed to Dillinger, and runs an arcade, somewhat ironically, filled with his own video games. A few of his friends stayed on with the video game company (which has now moved on to more experimental and expansive applications from the proceeds of the video game sales), and are having difficulties with a promoted-to-head-honcho Dillinger who is now trying to upgrade a "Master Control Program" which effectively limits any abilities for the software programmers to control and access their work on their computer terminals (there are definitely some human versus machine, individual versus oppression, "I'm not a number, I'm a man!" type themes working throughout the whole script here, albeit in a rather simplistic and clumsy effort that loses all credence by the time you realize that the moral of the story basically is still a bunch of numbed-up kids feeding quarters into a series of machines for one guy, and whoever he sees fit, to get rich off of). In order to get back into their computers, they seek out the hacking talents of Flynn to break into the system and change their security clearance level. In exchange, Flynn realizes he has the opportunity to try and find the original versions of the files he created, and thus prove that he was the developer who programmed the video games, and not Dillinger.


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