Van Morrison - Whats Wrong W/This Picture? 2003 Music CD


    • Van Morrison - Whats Wrong W/This Picture? 2003 Music CD
    • Audio CD (Oct. 21 2003)
    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Label: EMI Music Canada
    • ASIN: B0000D9R2C
    • Mint CD- # 1755
  • Van Morrison is prolific. He keeps turning out gems, sometimes blues, rock, folk, spiritual, worldly, joyful, sad, disgusted, elated, in love, out of love, sane & crazy; and now we have jazz! The title track opens with a string arrangement that harkens back  to Etta James and builds with Keith Donald's clarinet as Van sets a soft soothing groove, "I'm not that person anymore... I left it all behind." My favorite track is the bubbly "Whinin Boy Moan" with a 50s boogie woogie beat as Van takes off on vocals improvising with a vocal freedom that is gloriously fluid, punctuated by Van's & Martin Winning's saxes blazing full tilt. This is classic Van. "Evening in June" boasts a gorgeous melody with a breezy feel taking us to a "sleepy lagoon." "You can even be lonely standing in your own backyard," Van sings on the slow slinky "Meaning of Loneliness," another blockbuster track. Van sets our toe to tapping with Lightnin' Hopkins' "Stop Drinking." "Goldfish Bowl" smokes a slow groove on a music biz song about the fallacies of fame. Another Morrison classic is "Once In A Blue Moon" celebrating the joys of falling in love, complete with a tango-flavored beat. Van smokes a slow smoldering groove on the traditional "Saint James Infirmary." (Jeremy Wallace did an excellent version of this on his little-known, but excellent, CD "My Lucky Day.") The CD concludes with another sterling track, "Get On With the Show," where Richard Dunn's organ gives a soulful groove. Van's set is amazingly strong, best of the year quality. He obviously had great fun; and so do we! Enjoy!

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