Vault of Horror (1991 Russ Cochran) #3 Reprint Comic -Excellent shape



Vault of Horror (1991 Russ Cochran) #3 Reprint Comic -Excellent shape

see pics, no writing,f olds or creases 

Reprints. 1991-92 Russ Cochran reprint series. This series can easily be confused with the original series (10c cover priced), the 1990-91 Gladstone reprint series, or 1992-99 RC/Gemstone reprint series. Cover art by Johnny Craig. Johnny Craig bio with photograph. "Two of a Kind!", script and art by Johnny Craig; Brad and Willow agree to go to a log cabin in the mountains for a short vacation; Brad invited Willow because he's a ghoul looking for a meal; Willow invited Brad because she's a vampire looking for a meal. "Graft in Concrete!", script by Al Feldstein (co-plot, script) and Bill Gaines (co-plot), art by Jack Davis; A contractor blackmails a dirty mayor to get his road plans approved by the town council; After greasing a few more palms, the plan is approved; Sure, there's a cemetery right where the road's going to go, but moving bodies costs too much. "Joker!" text story by Bill Gaines. "Half-Way Horrible!", script by Al Feldstein (co-plot, script) and Bill Gaines (co-plot), art by Sid Check; A man is suffering from a split-personality, and nothing seems able to cure him; Psychiatry doesn't help, and neither do drugs; In desperation, he visits a voodoo priest. "Hook, Line, and Stinker!", art by Graham Ingels; Stanley loves to fish; At least, that's what he tells his wife, Bernice; He's always going away on fishing trips, leaving her alone with all his mounted trophies. "It Was the Monster From the Fourth Dimension," script and art by Al Feldstein; Hank has quite a shock when he sees a giant pink blob descend upon one of his cattle and devour it. "Something Missing!", script by Al Feldstein, art by Jack Kamen; Roger has succeeded in inventing a machine that can convert matter from one form to another. "Miracle!" text story. "Gregory Had a Model-T!", script and art by Harvey Kurtzman; Old Gregory sure does love his old Model-T; He even claims it's human, in a way; But, Gregory falls very ill, and his sister has to sell all his belongings to pay the medical bills. "The Aliens!", script by Al Feldstein, art by Wally Wood; After a long voyage, astronauts land on an alien world, where they soon meet up with the world's natives; Relations do not end well, with each side accusing the other of insults and instigating war. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $2.00.



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