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Whale, the DVD ( 2015) BBC New Sealed

Whale, the DVD ( 2015) BBC New Sealed

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Whale, the  DVD ( 2015) BBC New Sealed

The Essex sets sail from Nantucket and encounters a squall after just a few days underway. There is some damage to one of the four whaling skiffs and another is lost completely (these are used to chase the whales when harpooning). Captain Pollard was previously 1st mate, but is now on his maiden voyage as Captain of the ship. Rather than turning around to make repairs, he orders the crew to carry on. Through a series of events, tensions grow further and there is conflict as 1st mate Owen Chase questions Pollard's decisions. After rounding Cape Horn in 1920, they head for whaling waters and find them somewhat fished out. There is more grumbling as the crew awaits the chance for a payday. Finally, two sperm whales are spotted and one is harvested. Unfortunately for the Essex, the second whale is not going to let that slide!

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