White stripes - Get Behind Me Satan (Music CD)


White stripes - Get Behind Me Satan (Music CD)

mint used cd # 1795

Don't listen to the other reviewers; this album is totally amazing! Weird, yes, but very catchy and appealing. The Stripes dip into country, folk, Jackson 5-style pop/soul ("My Doorbell"), spaced-out later Velvet Underground folk/rock ("As Ugly as I Seem," which sounds a lot like the Velvets' "Lady Godiva's Operation"), mixed in with the usual Zeppelin-style blues. Unlike their previous albums, this one doesn't fall off in the second half, although "Instinct Blues" is a bit formulaic for them. And each song is completely different. At the same time, they keep their spontaneous sound; in spite of the more varied instrumentation, this album still sounds like Jack and Meg White jamming and having fun.

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