Wildflower 1991 Classic


Director Diane Keaton brings a tender touch to Wildflower, a Lifetime cable-TV movie showcasing early-career excellence from Reese Witherspoon and Patricia Arquette. Witherspoon's big-screen debut in The Man in the Moon had premiered shortly before this movie's original broadcast in 1991, and a year earlier, Arquette had starred in a Keaton-directed CBS Schoolbreak Special, The Boy with the Crazy Brother. These rising talents are well served by Sara Flanigan's teleplay, closely adapted from her popular juvenile novel Alice. Set in the mid-1930s, the story follows two compassionate teens (Witherspoon, William McNamara) who discover and essentially adopt a partially deaf epileptic (Arquette) who'd been locked away by her psychotically abusive father. Beau Bridges and Susan Blakely provide different parental perspectives, and while Keaton doesn't always avoid Flanigan's tear-jerking sentiment, she handles it with delicate grace. Aiding her are a gifted cast and the fine cinematography of Janusz Kaminski, who would soon begin an enduring collaboration with Steven Spielberg.

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